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What is it?

CEREC is a new technology in dentistry which allows dentists to make beautiful porcelain crowns, onlays and even veneers in a single appointment.  This means you as the patient can avoid having to wear uncomfortable temporaries, and also can avoid being numb for a second time. 

How it Works

The process starts with the doctor preparing the tooth for either the crown, onlay or veneer.  Next instead of a messy impression, the doctor uses an infrared camera to take a digital scan of the tooth. This scan is translated into a 3D model of the tooth using the CEREC software.  The doctor then designs, in the computer, the final restoration.  The computer sends a wireless signal to a milling machine, which mills a precisely fitting porcelain restoration in about 10 minutes.  

Lastly, using advanced adhesives, the doctor bonds the restoration to the tooth.

For more information about CEREC technology please visit www.cerecstories.com