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Dr. and Nathan E. Vick and the team at Mark W. Stagis D.D.S. and Nathan E. Vick D.D.S. Dental Group invite you to view this before-and-after smile gallery gallery showcasing some of the results enjoyed by our patients.

case_study_shirley_before.jpg case_study_shirley_after.jpg

before                                        after

"Dear Dr. Stagis and Kristy,You are so gentile and fun, no pain whatsoever.You are miracle workers without a doubt!I still can't believe what a wonderful job you did… I smile all the time now, and I even feel younger!  Everyone at your office has been so supportive. Carol showed me several before and after pictures which were all convincing for me. I really never thought mine would look as good as the pictures….However, they do, they are Perfect…Perfect…Perfect! I am so happy I had this done for ME! Now, I do so love to smile.

Thank-you so much Dr. Stagis and Staff."  S.B.

before01.jpg after.jpg

before                                      after 

"Dear Dr. Stagis and Staff,
I would just like to thank all of you for being so kind. I love my new smile. I can't believe the difference.
My bite is better and my teeth are so white. In just one sitting you made my veneers and applied them, even straightened my teeth more. I'm thankful my sister, Mary, referred me to you. I was looking for a good dentist, but she directed me to the best!
So again, to all of you - Thank you for making my visit such a positive experience.

Thank you again,"
Sarah H.


                  before                                       after case_study_2_patient.jpg

"I am 45 years old and I have suffered from severe tetracycline stains since childhood. I had my first set of porcelain veneers put on 19 years ago. I could see that it was time to replace them and finding the right person was of great concern to me. I searched and found Dr. Mark Stagis who uses a technology called CEREC. Your new teeth are put on while you are in the office. As you can imagine, I did not want to go three weeks waiting for new ones. The staff were accomodating to my schedule and my needs. Dr. Stagis is a perfectionist and I want to extend my deepest gratitude to him and his kind and caring staff. I have received compliments from total strangers on how gorgeous my smile is. I love smiling again and that is the best you can do for yourself. With much thanks, K.M."


"Dr. Stagis has really changed my life. I went to him to fix the gaps in my front teeth because I really didn't like the way they looked. I was teased as a child, I didn't smile in photos and tried not to show my teeth when I laughed. I was always outgoing and confident but I knew things could be so much better.

When I first called, Sue took the time to answer every question that I had. Everyone there is supportive, all of the assistants - Kristy, Carol and Vanessa, and Kelly. Leslie is wonderful. She is my hygienist. It doesn't terrify me to get my teeth cleaned anymore, and she is excellent. Nita is fantastic. She works with the Dr. in getting a treatment plan together and helps you with your financial arrangements. She is such an essential part because she really helps to figure appointments out, as well as financial matters. She makes things easy and gives you lists that really make things stress free and easy to follow.

lisa_before_sm.jpg lisa_after_sm.jpg

                                    before                                                       after

This patient was tired of the appearance of his front teeth which were chipped and had dark stains from previous old fillings. By only treating the front four teeth using CEREC technology, Dr. Vick was able to give him the smile he had been missing.

case_study_Jackbefore.jpg case_study_Jackafter.jpg

                                               before                                       after

Referred by his orthodontist for comprehensive cosmetic care to finalize his treatment this college senior now has a grown up smile.  His orthodontist took his case as far as he could but this patient still hated his small teeth with gaps and upper two front teeth that were a different width.  Besides this problem, his midline was off.  This young adult was transformed in one visit using Cerec technology.  Four porcelain veneers for his upper front teeth were designed in balance for his face and smile - now a perfect match!

case_study_JSbefore.jpg case_study_JSafter.jpg

                                             before                                     after

This patient presented with extreme wear from grinding his teeth.  Realignment and a new smile was created using a combination of porcelain veneers and crowns using Cerec technology.  His case also included laser soft tissue contouring and bleaching, all done without orthodontic treatment (braces) and completed in 2 appointmnets without a temporary. Now our patient has not only a balanced realigned bite relationship but also a smile he can be proud of.

case_study_CFbefore.jpg case_study_CFafter.jpg

                                            before                                        after

Very subtle changes can sometimes have a big impact, especially if you are a 6'4" adult male with very small upper lateral incisors. This patient also had poor lip support and a space forming between his front teeth.  In one appointment using Cerec technology we placed porcelain veneers on his upper four front teeth.  Soft tissue laser therapy was also used to lengthen two of these teeth.  Can you pick out the two?  Now our patient tells us his teeth fit his face better and he can't keep from smiling.

case_study_Scottbefore.jpg case_study_Scottafter.jpg

                                            before                                       after

Another happy and comfortable patient that benefited from the conservative approach using Cerec Technology.  He truly appreciated not wearing temporaries and finishing his care in one appointment.  With this approach we preserved as much of his tooth enamel as possible.

case_study_Jackbefore.jpg case_study_Jackafter.jpg

                                            before                                         after

This patient was very pleased he was able to get some very old, failing silver fillings replaced in a single appointment.  This meant he avoided have to wear temporaries and avoided having to get numb a second time.

case_study_Jackbefore.jpg case_study_Jackafter.jpg