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Dr. Mark W. Stagis

Fresno Dentist -Dr. Mark W. Stagis DDS

Dr. Mark Stagis was born and raised in Fresno, CA.He grew up on a family farm near Easton and attended Washington Union High School.Here he was involved in band and sports, playing baseball and football. He also enjoyed the academics and student government. He grew up learning what hard work means, as he helped his father on their family operated ranch. From High School he attended both Fresno City College and Calif. State University Fresno from which he graduated in 1976 as a Magna Cum Laude.

Continuing in his studies at UCLA, Dr. Stagis graduated from the UCLA SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY in 1980. For the past 31 years Dr. Stagis has maintained his cosmetic and general family dental practice in Fresno. Dr. Stagis and his wife Sue met while attending California State University Fresno. They have been married for 34 years, and have two grown sons, Joel and Scott.

Looking to the future, Dr. Stagis is extremely excited about where new technology is taking his practice of restorative dentistry. From lasers to CEREC 3D, to one appointment porcelain veneers and one appointment quadrant ceramic restorations it has never been more enjoyable for Dr. Stagis to see his patients appreciation for high tech dentistry.

In our office our Dental Team has now been together for a combined 110 years of caring, comprehensvie service. Using modern technology, we are focused on providing services that improve the dental, general physical health and appearance of our patients.

Today we know there is a scientific proven link between periodontal disease and increased risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, problem pregnancies and cancer. In a recent study conducted by Aetna and Columbia University College of Dental Medicine it was demonstrated that proper periodontal care can not only result in reducing these health risks but even lower overall medical costs. This makes good sense and our team members stress prevention and health. You may not be ready for major dental treatment at this time in your life but hygiene and prevention is a priority.

Our Team members take the approach that your mouth is the most useful part of your body. With your mouth you smile, talk, breathe, greet, communicate and show intimacy. Bottom line, the story of the mouth is that you may eat and drink to nourish your body 6 times a day on average and smile and communicate all day long! We believe modern dentistry can provide care to keep your mouth healthy until the day you die. Keep in mind unless you don't eat, smile or communicate you need to invest in you mouth until the day you die! Life long needs for ideal dental health is a given for all of us and constant wear and tear occurs because we use our mouth all the time. Just like a car needs major service and oil changed from time to time - you need comprehensive dental care too. With this in mind, at Stagis - Vick Dental Group, we are passionate about your health and take pride in working to provide the best care that modern dentistry has to offer.

When you are ready for major dental procedures we have the technology to minimize the number of required appointments for your convenience and comfort. For the typical crown, onlay or veneer our patients can experience getting anesthesia once, no temporary, no second appointment, and the latest cad-cam computer generated dentistry provided by Cerec Technology. Patients find this comfortable and convenient. The typical crown appointment is about one hour - complete. Using this modern Cerec Technology we also can create incredible esthetic results - see our patient Smile Gallery and Patient Perspectives (for our patients' smiles and stories). These services can improve our patients' dental and general physical health and make them feel better. Many of our patients who have received cosmetic care have reported an improved sense of self esteem, confidence and self worth because they are now proud of their appearance and want to smile! According to many of our patients this can be a truly life changing experience. This can lead to significant psychological and mental benefits. We are passionate about the services that we provide that can improve patients dental and general physical health and make them feel better about themselves.

Modern technology also allows us to communicate with our patients at the highest level. Text messaging, sample surveys and e-mail appointment reminders are a convenience that our patients appreciate.

Digital photography also allows our patients the opportunity for co-discovery of their condition of oral health. This allows a comprehensive base line record and outcome evaluation. (Please see our Smile Gallery) It encourages questions and can be a real eye opener when a patient is not aware that "I look like that?" or "Is that really me?"

The service, benefits, value and relationships our patients have formed with the members of our dental team have resulted in that about 95% of our new patients are sent by invitation from their friends and family as well as professional referral by other health care providers. Everybody needs a dentist and it is the highest compliment when a referral is made through invitation. The caring staff at our office want you to know we have a place for you too in our practice and I want to extend a sincere invitation to you and your family also.

Best regards, Dr. Mark Stagis

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  • "Our family loves this dentist office. We have come here for at lease 14 years. The staff is professional yet friendly and personal. Most of the staff has been in the office for years. Their office is exceptionally clean and located in a beautiful setting with easy access. Look no further for a dentist office! AAA+, 5 stars!"
    Greg Crocker
  • "I have been going here 9 years now. Absolutely the best dentist ever. My kids, ages 11 and 6 love Dr. Vick and his staff too!"
    Liz Dutra Nunes
  • "Awesome dentist and staff, they make you feel comfortable and schedule you real quick."
    Leticia Bonilla

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