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Patient S Perspective

"Dear Dr. Stagis and all of your wonderful staff,

Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate all of you. Over the years you have always been so kind,considerate, professional and efficient. 'Going to the dentist' has never been something we dread to do because you make it such a positive experience. Thank you for all you do." Sincerely, I, C, M and G

"I'm so grateful to Dr. Stagis and his entire team for the care I receive. But more importantly (to me as a mother) is my gratitude that my children are patients here also. I know, with confidence, that they are receiving the best care possible and will not have the same issues I had when I was their age. Thank-you Dr. Stagis". K.W.

"Dear Dr. Stagis, We recently moved to Fresno and are so happy to have met you and your staff! The technology that you offer (Cerec) is wonderful. The entire staff at your office is a pleasure to be around. Thank you Nita, Kelly, Carol, Kristy and Dr. Stagis!" R.H.

"This is the finest, most complete Dental office I have ever been in. I have tried several dental offices and I am 81 years old, so I know what I'm talking about!" L.C.

"After years of fearing and dreading dental visits, I discovered Dr. Stagis and I can honestly say I enjoy my dental visits. I am so impressed by the professionalism and cooperative spirit of the entire staff. Mutual respect is evident and appreciated. Even though this professionalism and attention to schedule is maintained, cordiality is still evident." J.P.

"To Dr. Stagis and his staff, Since I've been fortunate enough to be refrred here by Dr. K, I thought it was a good gesture to relay my feelings about your office and staff. Everyone is just so friendly and nice. Even my children who've been here only once feel that they were special. We all look forward to come here and we thank you for all your hard work." The M. Family

"I awoke in a Trauma Center not immediately knowing who my wife was. I'd sustained damage to my mouth that would require surgeries, root canals and years of orthodontia. From the night of the accident, when you kindly gave assurance and encouragement to my wife over the phone, through this last year, when you put the finishing touches on my implants and veneers, I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank-youDr. Stagis & Staff for giving me the ability to smile with confidence!" Sincerely, G.C.

"I so appreciate you Dr. Stagis - I feel confident and safe in your care!" B.Y.

Dear Dr. Stagis and staff,Thank-you for making a difficult appointment into one that is not only tolerble, but safe, secure, kind and professional. Knowing that I will also end up with the best teeth and oral health that is possible for me is satisfying and reassuring in this stressful world. You also go the extra mile in everyway especially in how you treat your patients. I like that! R.T.

Dear Dr. Stagis,

What a wonderful experience - it feels like this is my make -over story. I believe a smile is the most important thing in the world, and now I smile all the time. Thank-you! C.M.

Dear Dr. Stagis,

Great Staff, from the front office (Nita) to Kelly and yourself! I have told my husband that if we ever move for whatever reason we will travel miles to come back and have you do our dentistry. You are absolutely the best!

N. and C.

Dr. Stagis

Thank you for fitting me into your schedule on such a short notice. It's always a pleasure visiting your office. My teeth look great. Your staff is top notch! S.P. (via e-mail survey)

"I just wanted to send a message saying "Thank-you" to Dr. Stagis and staff for returning my smile to me. Great work Dr.! I am very happy, thanks again. M.T. (via e-mail survey)

"I always have a pleasant experience when I am at your office, Dr. Stagis. Like many my age, I grew up dreading the dentist visits, but all of you at the office have always made me feel very comfortable and never "guilty" of not taking care of myself! I like that you remember my name and things about my family that you ask about and always are interested in. Thank you! And believe me, I refer my friends to you all the time!!" T.G. (via e-mail survey)

"My appointment was like visiting old friends - always a good experience! " R.H. (via e-mail survey)

"Everyone hates going to the dentist, but Mark and the staff make the experience positive and painless, and take the apprehension out of the whole process". J.K. (via e-mail survey)

"For nearly 20 years I have been fortunate to receive outstanding, knowledgeable, kind, loving dental care from Dr. Stagis and his staff. One staff person stands out in Dr. Stagis practice and that staff person is Miss Kelly. She always greets me with a loving smile and embraces me with her genuine care about my family and dental concerns. Her gentle touch, informative explanations regardig my dental history and prevention has allowed me to look and feel my very best. I always look forward to my next dental appointment because of Kelly's tender and ardent personal touch. Thank you Kelly! and Dr. Stagis!

D.L. (via e-mail survey)

"You folks are the best. In the 20+ years we have been coming to your practice we have always been well treated. Thank-You!!! " D. H. (via e-mail survey)

"Leslie is always pleasant and professional in performing her duties. Iam very relaxed when she is cleaning my teeth and confident in her abilities. Nita also is always very pleasant and very helpful in explaining our account information and options. Dr. Stagis is always pleasant, professional and very good at explaining my situation, and treatment options. I actually look forward to going to the dentist!" D.F. (via e-mail survey)

"It's the first time I have come home from a dentist appointment enthusiastic and happy! I should thank- you for your personal approach to patient care. It means a lot." B.L (via e-mail survey)

"Dr. Stagis, I think you offer one of the best customer service Dentists offices that can be provided! You are up to date in all systems, and technology. Your office staff is always a pleasure to talk with and they always take time to explain any and all questions I or my family may have. I have and will continue to refer friends and family to you! Sincerely E.D." (via e-mail survey)

"Dr Stagis, I can honestly say I would not change one thing about your office. My daughter, husband and I have been coming to see you and Kelly for the past 5 years ever since we moved to Fresno from Bakersfield. The service is absolutely the best! Keep up the GREAT work!!!" N.C. (via e-mail survey)

"Good Day Mark! I would just like to say your entire staff has always been friendly and professional. Your customer service has been taken to a new level. Anyone who comes in and has been to other Dental offices can tell immediatley that you have state of the art equipment and also, more importantly, make every patient feel so comfortable. Thank-you for caring! " Ernie (via e-mail survey)

"I was just telling an associate this morning how I hate going to the dentist...but that yesterday I really enjoyed it! It was the best 'overal' experience I have ever had at a dental office! Don't get me wrong; I loved Dr. H and Dr. J, and their staff are great. I wouldn't hesitate to see either of them again, but the 'total' experience with you was really the best. From the moment I sent an e-mail to your office seeking an appointment until the moment I left the office yesterday, everyone bent over backwards to make it a pleasant experience. Thank you so much for accepting me as a new patient. " R.D.L. (via e-mail survey)

"You guys do a great job. I was thinking about the atmosphere you create when I am there. It's organized and structured yet very...almost family like. I consider myself fortunate to have Kelly taking care of my teeth twice a year and Dr. Stagis following up as needed. I also love the new e-mail system. Thanks! " K.N. (via e-mail survey)

"I feel like I'm in 1st class on an airline...the experience was exceptional!" Comment from a new patient A.P.

"I'm a long time patient, and Leslie who serves me is outstanding. You folks are friends and I readily refer to you. " P.B. (via e-mail survey)

"I had the pleasure of meeting Carol and Vanessa as well as Dr. Vick. They were wonderful! I look forward to a long relationship with you your office. Thanks SO much for making the visit enjoyable." N.D. (via e-mail survey)

"Mark: You and your staff are why we have been with you for over 20 years. Nobdy cleans our teeth except Leslie, and we so appreciate Nita and all the accomodations she has afforded us over the years. We tell everyone who our Dentist is and suggest they call for an appointment." D.H. (via e-mail survey)

"As always, Kelly is fantastic! She is warm and engaged. I am especially impressed with her skills...always coming away from a visit to your dentist pain free... I like that!" J.L (via e-mail survey)

"Excellent Service...Like ALWAYS!" G.M. (via e-mail survey)

"Dr. Stagis and Dr. Vick, You and your staff are incredible...I am so glad I found you (via KMJ and Inga). I have already been telling everyone about my experience with "my new dentist". See ya Monday!" K.E. (via e-mail survey)

"Dr. Stagis, You all do a terrific job and odd as it is to say, it is always a pleasure coming to you, my dentist. I always leave with a feeling that my health matters and that you are taking good and careful care of me. (And I know you are doing the same for the rest of my family). The fact that you all seem to like and respect one another shows in all of you interactions. So - thanks for all you do. Best, Kathleen (via e-mail survey)

" I believe I have the best dentist in Fresno and this is why I don't hesitate to recommend him when the opportunity arises." L.F. (via e-mail survey)

"I think you all deserve to win the Best Professional Service Provider Award in the state (if there is such an award). Without fail, every appointment I've ever had is the ideal mixture of professionalism, friendliness, advanced technology, and competency. I'm grateful to be your patient. Dr. N.K. (via e-mail survey)

"Tequila flavored tooth polish, Lay-Z-Boy dentist's chairs, free lunch from Chez Maurice, Include cash in those little goodie bags you give us...the only suggestions I would make to an otherwise "excellent" dental experience!" R.K. (via e-mail survey)

"Dr. Vick and his assistant, Vanessa, are a great team and work well together. I felt comfortable and relaxed during my entire visit. Thank you very much for your professionalism and attention to detail, it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. " J.N (via e-mail survey)

"When I was 10 years old I chipped my two front teeth in a bicycle accident. Ever since that accident you could always see the line where my teeth were bonded. After eleven years they were in dire need of repair. I had a break in my college schedule, so I came to see Dr. Stagis as my 21st birthday present. Both my mom and sister have had work done by Dr. Stagis and praised the work he had done for them. I came in on a Monday and by Tuesday afternoon I was bleached and had two beautiful new teeth! My teeth are perfect and I have never felt better about my smile. I am ready to "dazzel the ladies"! Frazier

"I'm very grateful to Dr. VIck and his staff for helping me Smile AGAIN!!! It has been a life changing experience. THANK YOU!!! C.S. (via e-mail survey)

"I love the way your office keeps up on the latest technology. I feel very fortunate to have dentists like Dr. Stagis and Dr. Vick. Keep up the good work. You are all a blessing to your patients. A.E. (via e-mail survey)

"What an excellent staff and dentist!!! I have never been to such a wonderful dentist office, and actually look forward to having crowns placed now because I know exactly why I need them and got to see so many good, thorough pictures of my teeth. The entire staff were so professional, kind and patient with me and I felt truly appreciated as a new patient. Thank you!" S.A. (via e-mail survey)

"I really enjoyed my visit - and I can honestly say that I do not like dental visits! Dr. Stagis was kind, knowledgeable, and very thorough. Thank you."J.L. (via e-mail survey)


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  • "Our family loves this dentist office. We have come here for at lease 14 years. The staff is professional yet friendly and personal. Most of the staff has been in the office for years. Their office is exceptionally clean and located in a beautiful setting with easy access. Look no further for a dentist office! AAA+, 5 stars!"
    Greg Crocker
  • "I have been going here 9 years now. Absolutely the best dentist ever. My kids, ages 11 and 6 love Dr. Vick and his staff too!"
    Liz Dutra Nunes
  • "Awesome dentist and staff, they make you feel comfortable and schedule you real quick."
    Leticia Bonilla

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