With prices rising at the grocery store, the gas pump, and other places, you’re obviously looking for opportunities to cut costs. Fortunately, we can suggest several good ways to save on your family’s dental care. 

If you need to make an appointment in Fresno, CA, call us today at 559-242-1356. In the meantime, check out some ways to save money:

  • Get Teeth Whitening for $199 – Whitening your teeth is already one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your smile’s appearance. With our current offer of $199 whitening, it’s even more affordable. 
  • Join Our Membership Club – You can save money if you don’t have insurance by joining our Membership Club. You just pay a small monthly subscription fee. It takes care of the cost of two exams (including X-rays) and cleanings a year. You’ll also save 10 percent on most other services. Plus, you’ll receive one free emergency exam, if needed. You’ll find membership options for adults, children, and patients vulnerable to gum disease. 
  • Don’t Skip Regular Cleanings and Exams – The American Dental Association recommends getting an exam and cleaning every six months. We do too, because these services are essential to keeping your teeth in great shape and avoiding potentially costly problems. We remove disease-causing bacteria, plaque, and tartar during your cleaning. The exam helps your dentist detect issues in their earliest stages. That’s when they are easier – and typically less expensive – to fix. 
  • Treat Problems ASAP – It really is important to treat problems as soon as you can, both to save money and to protect your smile. A simple filling is all that’s needed to fix a small cavity. However, if the cavity isn’t treated, you’ll have worse dental damage. You may end up needing a crown or even a root canal to save your tooth.

Call Nathan E. Vick, DDS today at 559-242-1356. Let us help you save on your family’s dental care!