Restore Your Oral Function With Dental Implants in Fresno

The impact of losing one or more teeth can have far-reaching effects. It affects your oral health, the strength of your jawbone, and even the natural contour of your face. Partial or full dentures can address some of those concerns. But for the most lifelike function, you need a solution that replaces your tooth roots. That’s why so many patients love dental implants in Fresno. They are the most effective way to achieve a fully functional set of teeth. You will:

  • Avoid the problems that result from tooth loss
  • Prevent bone loss in your jaw
  • Regain your natural chewing power
  • Take care of your teeth like normal
  • Maintain a healthy bone structure in your face
  • Avoid the embarrassment of loose dentures

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Keep Your New Teeth Secure With Implants

Your tooth roots play an important role in your oral health. They stimulate your jawbone to keep it healthy and strong. In addition, they anchor your teeth, holding them in place. When you lose a tooth, you lose the root that comes with these functions. That’s why you need to replace it. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that get paired with restorations like bridges and dentures.

If you are interested in this lifelike solution to missing teeth, you’ll get your implants placed in your jaw. Then, you’ll return to our office when you are ready for your restorations.

At our office your options include:

  • A Single Implant Crown – Your customized dental crown will be anchored in place by an implant. It’s an ideal solution for one missing tooth. You will take care of your implant crown with regular brushing and flossing. Plus, it will look natural with your other teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge You can replace several missing teeth in a row with a dental bridge. In this case, your bridge is supported by at least two implants instead of healthy teeth. That means we won’t have to do anything to your nearby teeth to prepare you for the bridge.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – We can attach your dentures to implants. You will appreciate the feel and function of a strong bite. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your dentures slipping out of place. They remain secure, just like natural teeth. You won’t need adhesive or relining procedures to maintain a snug fit.
  • All-on-4 Dental ImplantsYou can anchor a full arch of new teeth to only four implants. This treatment technique offer the same benefits as other full arch implant solutions. However, since there are fewer implants, the healing process is quicker. It’s often more affordable too.

If you come to our office for implant restoration, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable about the entire procedure. We used advanced technology to assess your readiness for implants. We refer you to a trusted specialist for your implant placement. You can also rely on our team to answer your questions and give you any necessary support during treatment.

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Common Questions About Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Modern dental implants function as artificial roots for replacement teeth. Implants are anchored directly in your jawbone, like the roots of natural teeth are. Your jaw bonds to the implants to keep them securely in place. This provides a stable support system for crowns, bridges, or dentures. Implants also stimulate your jawbone, reducing your risk of bone loss, which is common after someone loses teeth.

Do dental implants hurt?

The dental implant placement is oral surgery, so you will be completely numbed. You may feel some discomfort as you recover, but most patients report being able to chew food the day of their procedure. Many only need over-the-counter pain medication in the days following implant placement.

Can dental implants be removed?

Dental implants could be removed from your jaw, but there is seldom any reason to do so. Once placed, implants fuse with your jawbone and become one with it. They are designed to last for decades, and maybe even the rest of your life, without requiring any special care or maintenance.

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