February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, so your Fresno, CA dentist wants to empower you with a better understanding of what this insidious infection can do to your smile and your overall health. Before that happens, we can stop gum disease in its tracks quickly and comfortably.

Check out today’s video to hear Dr. Vick explain the mouth-body connection, the health problems associated with untreated periodontal infection, and why your routine cleanings are so vital in preventing gum disease.

But what if it has already taken hold in your mouth, despite your best efforts to protect your oral health?

We can stop gum disease from advancing further with solutions like bacterial reduction, scaling and root planing, and antibacterial irrigation. You’ll be perfectly comfortable during treatment thanks to topical numbing agents and our painless laser technique, 

To stay ahead of the infection, we may suggest more frequent cleanings until it’s under control.

Stop gum disease so it doesn’t steal your smile! Call Nathan E. Vick DDS, Inc. today at 559-242-1356 for an appointment in Fresno, CA. You can also schedule online.