Initial Dental Exam

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The Comprehensive Dental Examination

The first part of your initial dental visit is a full mouth set of digital x-rays.  These x-rays allow Dr. Vick to examine parts of the teeth and jaw that are not able to be examined by visual inspection alone. One of our skilled dental assistants will also take a series of digital photos, to further document the initial condition of your mouth and teeth. 

During your initial examination, Dr. Vick or one of our hygienists will use a small instrument and mirror to examine each tooth for cavities, plaque and damage. You will also undergo a thorough gum examination where the doctor will look for any signs of gum disease. The final step in your initial dental visit is a head and neck examination, which allows Dr. Vick to inspect for any potential issues with glands or joints, such as TMJ disorder. After your thorough examination, Dr. Vick will sit down with you to discuss the results of the exam and plan any necessary repairs or treatments.

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