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Our Fresno Dentist Uses Laser Light to Improve Your Smile


Lasers have become a trusted and valuable tool in several medical disciplines. Some frequencies  of laser light cut and cauterize with pinpoint accuracy, while others penetrate the skin to enhance healing and circulation. Here at the office of Nathan E. Vick, DDS, we use laser dentistry to perform a variety of functions, from biopsies to gum re contouring.

Laser dentistry has helped revolutionize periodontal surgery in many ways. Cosmetic procedures such as gum recontouring can be performed with less bleeding or discomfort. Additionally, planing and scaling procedures can now be performed with minimal invasiveness. Instead of cutting away a certain amount of diseased gum tissue with a scalpel -- often taking a small amount of healthy tissue in the process -- we can apply the laser beam to target and burn away the diseases portions with great precision, allowing for a less invasive procedure. Because the laser seals as it cuts and encourages rapid coagulation, patients recover more quickly.

Laser dentistry can also play a role in the removal of other tissues within the oral cavity. Overgrown tissues that interfere with speech, eating or other functions can also be removed quite literally at the speed of light. Sometimes lasers are even used to remove tissue for biopsy, which can help us identify and treat oral cancers and other potentially dangerous conditions more quickly and effectively.

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The speed and ease with which lasers operate has helped many patients enjoy an easier time in the dentist's chair, often with minimal or no need for anesthesia. But while these advanced techniques have proven their value for countless patients in recent years, they are not necessarily right for everyone. Fresno residents who would like to learn more about laser dentistry in general, or its usefulness in addressing a specific dental issue, should contact the office of Nathan E. Vick, DDS. We will be happy to schedule an initial consultation and evaluation to determine laser technology or a different type of treatment is the best fit for these patients' needs.

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